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08 July 2010 @ 02:44 am
[FIC] Talk to me (3/4)  

Johnny's Entertainment
Pairing: MatsujunKame
Chapter rating: PG13
Disclaimer: If they were mine, they would be mine. Logical, isn't it?
Summary: Kame is finally making the journey he has dreamt of his whole life, the journey back to Japan, back to the place where his family has lived for generations. It's risky, because the Matsumoto clan are still in that area and if they find him he's in trouble. He meets Jun, a handsome young man his age, and even though they don't understand a word the other says they end up riding together. But who is Jun? What really happened fifty years ago? What will become of the two of them? Camping, horseback riding and mountains up ahead!
AN: The master post for this series is right here.
If you liked this then feel free to check out my complete fic list, here.

A while after lunch-time, the weather wasn't looking so good anymore. The horizon we were slowly making our way towards was covered in darkish clouds which looked all but friendly.

This is bad,” I told Jun, my tone of voice making my meaning perfectly clear as I pointed at the clouds. “I hate rain.”

He nodded at me, but he wasn't looking as grim. On the contrary, he was taking in our surroundings with an eager expression.

Hotondoga,” he said, pointing ahead as I had. “Mousukoshi.”

Right,” I replied, chuckling. “Hopefully, that was a magic spell which is going to rid us of those clouds.”

It wasn't. As we continued along the path, the clouds seemed to try their best to meet us half-way. A sight which pleased me a lot more was the one I took in after we had turned a corner and were making our way towards a meadow.

Houses. Several small houses, standing in neat rows close to the path. They were old, obviously unused. Jun halted, motioning for me to do the same.

Is this it?” I asked excitedly, doing as he gestured. “Is this the village?”

He just smiled at me, unmounting.

After we had both unmounted and tied our horses, Jun motioned for me to come with him as we walked through the very small village. I counted the number of houses.

Fourteen,” I told Jun. “This really is it, then. This is the village.”

We entered the first house. The shade of the wood made it look like it had once been painted green. It was empty of furniture, but there were some worn out curtains hanging in one window. There were several holes in the ceiling through which light shone in.

“Kore wa watashi no kazoku no ie desu,” Jun told me.

Of course,” I replied, rolling my eyes at him.

He just grinned, dragging me outside to the next house.

All of them were pretty much empty except for a couple, where there was a chair or two standing around. All of the houses had broken ceilings.

That is a great pity,” I sighed, glancing up at the sky again. “It still looks like rain. This sucks.”

I ended up running about the place a few more times as Jun started to set up camp in the middle of the village. It wasn't until he had begun putting my tent up that I reluctantly went over there to help him out.

Sorry,” I said to him, “but this is just too cool. I can't believe I'm finally here!”

I left the preparations for dinner entirely to Jun that evening, just sitting by the fire and taking in our surroundings.

Look at this, Jun,” I said, pointing excitedly at the nearest house. “Maybe my family lived there. Maybe my dad was born in one of these houses. He definitely was, actually, as was my mother. And they grew up here, met here, fell in love here. Amazing, isn't it?”

He threw a mildly interested glance towards the house I was pointing at before looking back at me, shaking his head with a sigh. Even so, he was smiling slightly.

As the night approached, rain started to fall. It was only a little at first, but when it started to increase I begun moving all of my things into my tent. Bob and Tenshi were huddling over by their tree, standing close together under it's protecting branches. Jun tried to move his things into his own tent at first, but the gaping hole in it made the action quite pointless. It wasn't exactly dry in there.

Just put it in here,” I told him, pointing at my tent.

He didn't understand, so I simply started to do it myself. Then he caught on, and together we hurriedly threw all his stuff into the one dry place we had left. Once we had done that, it was really pouring.

I'm not staying out here,” I decided, approaching my tent again. “Night.”

It wasn't until I had made my way in there and sat down among all the stuff that I realised he was still standing out there, unsure of what to do.

You should get in here,” I told him, waving at him to join me. “You'll get soaked otherwise.”

He did, tentatively making his way into the small space.

In one way, this arrangement was good. I had been a bit nervous about how I would handle things that night. He had seemed calm since morning, but how did I know that he wouldn't try to disappear with the horses again the next day? I couldn't trust him, no matter how much I wanted to.

Don't do that again,” I told him seriously. “If you have something to say to me, you should just say it.”

He looked up, surprised. I had spoken quite suddenly and completely out of context. He didn't understand either way, of course, nor did he have any possibility of saying anything to me whether or not he wanted to. Instead, he just looked confused.

Everything is fine,” I said, smiling reassuring at him. “At least I hope it is.”

He nodded, glancing awkwardly around himself and alerting me to why this arrangement actually wasn't ideal. On one had I would be able to keep an eye on him, but on the other my tent was very, very small. It was hardly designed for two people, and now we were two people with all of our stuff inside of it. Needless to say, it was cramped. Personal space really wasn't a possibility.

We managed to get most things out of our way, making enough space for both of us to lie down. Even so, there wasn't any space at all between us. His chest was pressed against my left shoulder.

Well,” I said, trying to turn over on my right side. “This is interesting.”

That position wasn't exactly much better, because now I was lying facing him, unable to move away from him. He was so close, his face right in front of mine as he looked back at me. I closed my eyes after a moment, feeling like I was trying to escape.

A few minutes passed as I listened to the rain smattering outside of the tent, all things considered happy to be inside. His breath started to sound more even, but I felt very tense. It wasn't until I suddenly felt his hand lightly touching my chest that I realised that this was what I had been unknowingly waiting for, expecting, craving.

I shut my eyes harder as his hand made its' way across my chest, slowly caressing me through my t-shirt. My thoughts were a mess and none of them seemed to concern reasons for his current actions or the possibility of stopping him as his fingers sneaked underneath the thin fabric. All I could focus on was his soft touch on my skin, his fingertips carefully brushing higher. When he started to rub against my right nipple, I finally opened my eyes.

He was staring back at me, a strange expression on his face. He looked nervous and hopeful at the same time, as though he was sure of his own actions but still very vulnerable to the reaction I had yet to show him. His movements paused when our eyes met, but his hand remained in contact with my skin.

Kirei,” he said softly, almost whispering. “Honto ni.”

Whatever,” I mumbled. “Kiss me already.”

Of all the things I had said to him, this was thankfully one he understood. He leant forwards immediately, his lips brushing quickly against mine before he pulled away.

You call that a kiss?” I complained. “Come back here!”

Determined, I leant in, capturing his lips again. I pushed my hands into his hair as I parted my lips, my tongue sweeping across his mouth. He wasn't late in opening his own lips, allowing me to push my tongue inside of his mouth. Soon he had taken control of the kiss, exploring my mouth freely. I certainly didn't complain, and even if I had wanted to he would neither have understood any of it nor was I very articulate at the moment.

After a long while he pulled back, allowing us both to breathe for a moment. My hands were still in his hair while his had at some point ended up around my waist.

This one tent thing is really convenient, after all,” I told him quietly. “I think I could get used to rain.”

He smiled at me, not because I had amused him but because he appeared to be extremely pleased with our current position.

We didn't move much after that. I just let my hands travel down to his neck and he pulled me a bit closer before we both became still, closing our eyes, finally both relaxing completely.

The next morning, I woke up from Jun moving next to me. Or perhaps underneath me. Wait, underneath?

I opened my eyes, discovering that I was indeed lying mostly on him and not next to him. He was awake, too, looking at me a bit apologetically. He had probably not intended to wake me up, but considering the situation that was kind of impossible.

This is funny,” I informed him, grinning sleepily. “I honestly thought that you would be the one on top of me. Not that I mind this, but I really thought you would prefer that.”

He raised his eyebrows at me, confused. I just shook my head, starting to shift my weight away from him. He reached out his hands to take a light hold of me, shaking his head.

Mousukoshi,” he said, using the same phrase as he had when we had almost reached the village the day before. “Kudasai.”

I stopped moving when he wrapped his arms around me, keeping me in place. He closed his eyes again, his right hand gently caressing my back. I looked at his face, taking in his content expression.

So you're not running away this morning,” I observed. “Good.”

He made no reply. I disentangled one of my arms from his grip, reaching it up to gently touch his cheek. Then moved it to his neck, playing with a couple of his locks.

And your hair really is like this, always,” I continued. “You do not have a beauty salon in your tent, then.”

He opened his eyes, looking at me curiously. I just shook my head again, smiling at him.

When we finally left my tent and started to make breakfast, it was a lot later than usually. Once he had made himself a cup of coffee and I had started to munch on a couple of crackers, I couldn't stop staring at him. He was even more beautiful to me now. The strange feeling between us from a couple of days before was back again, but it lacked the uncomfortableness (if that isn't a word, it should be) which had come with it before. Now, it was just new and exciting. Alluring.

This was the morning of day eight, meaning that it was now the beginning of my second week. We stayed in the village, exploring it completely. Bob and Tenshi seemed content to have some rest, and I was determined to examine every part of the place. Jun followed me around as I walked about the village, mostly to laugh at me. I didn't mind, not when there was something tender in his eyes every time he looked at me.

This is flirting,” I concluded at lunch that day. “Except that we already kissed, but it's kind of hard to take things to the next level when we can't use words. So we just continue to flirt. No promises, no limitations. I can see why this feels so nice.”

He focused on eating the stew which we (well, he) had made, barely glancing up at me when I spoke.

So there really is no saying where this is going,” I continued. “I suppose reality might catch up eventually, but I think I might try to run from it in order to keep things like this.”

He looked up then, his eyebrows raised in question at the serious tone in my voice. As usually, I just shook my head at him, unable to explain.

We'll see, I guess,” I said, shrugging.

For now, during the rest of the day, it was just really nice. We were both all long looks, brushing hands and fast heartbeats. I felt like I was fifteen all over again, having my first love. Still, exactly what went on was hard to pinpoint. We were not quite friends yet not exactly lovers. So I wasn't sure how to define it, how to define us, nor was I in any hurry to do so.

That evening after dinner, as we were looking at the map, he pointed out a new path.

Kono houhou de,” he said. “Ashita.”

I examined it. It looked like it led back in the direction we had come, but it took a bit of a detour before heading to a completely different location than the one I had started out from. Still, I was pretty sure that I could make it back to the starting point on this path.

Sure,” I said, nodding. “Let's take that one. When?”

He looked at me, shaking his head.

Right, we'll see, then,” I laughed. “Soon, at least.”

He just shook his head at me again, that tender smile back again.

It wasn't raining that evening. Jun's tent had dried over the day and was now put up again, perfectly usable. Yet neither of us showed any signs of wanting to go to bed. We both sat by the fire for a lot longer than usually, looking less and less at each other. Finally, after yawning about a million times, I gave up. Standing and stretching, I looked tiredly at Jun.

Are you coming?” I asked him, pointing at my own tent and feeling a bit stupid. “I know it's small, but I want you with me in there anyway.”

He got up, too, but he looked hesitant. I sighed, too tired to make the effort of gesturing. Instead I just took hold of his hand, dragging him after me inside.

This is because I need to keep an eye on you,” I said as we clumsily lied down

Jun just pulled me close, giggling as he kissed my forehead.

And because you're cute” I added, grinning stupidly.

Then I didn't say much more for a while because his lips found mine and occupied them for several minutes afterwards. When I finally spoke, I had an important conclusion to share with him.

We should really try this when we're not in a cramped space,” I informed him, a bit out of breath. “Would be more convenient, I think.”

The next morning, we both begun packing up our things. Another look at my map made it certain that we were both okay with going on the path which Jun had pointed out the day before. It did indeed lead back in the direction we had come, but I was pretty sure that Jun wasn't headed to my starting point. In fact, I didn't know where he was headed.

During the following nights, Jun didn't even bother to put up his own tent. He just draped it over his things and joined me in mine. It was cramped, intimate and just a little bit wonderful. I did go through with the experiment of kissing him outside of the tent as well, on the evening of the tenth day. It was, just as I had thought, a lot more convenient.

I am extremely disappointed in the few lessons for learning Japanese I took,” I told Jun that evening, grinning sheepishly. “I have no idea how to ask you if you have lubrication or condoms, and one thinks that should be the very first thing they teach. What good is it to be able to say konnichiwa?”

Jun had been lying next to me, half asleep, but when I uttered the Japanese word his eyes flew open. He looked at my face, his expression very intrigued again.

No worries,” I said hurriedly, almost feeling like he had busted me with what I had been actually talking about. “I mean, I wasn't talking to you. Except that I was, but maybe I wasn't actually intending for you to hear it.”

I fell silent after that, reaching out a hand to touch his face lightly. He seemed very focused on my movements as I let my fingers brush across his cheek, underneath his chin, up through his hair. I had done it several times before, but he hadn't ever paid this much attention. I stopped when I reached his forehead, brushing my fingertips along his eyebrows.

I want to sleep with you,” I told him, feeling a bit nervous as I said it out loud. “Even though I can't actually trust you and we met less than a week ago, I want to give myself to you. Let you into my life and let you stay there.”

He was still silent, his eyes never leaving my face as I spoke. Something in my tone of voice must have alerted him to how serious a topic I was bringing up.

More than anything else, I want you to understand me,” I concluded, reluctantly drawing back my hand back from his face. “Because right now, you don't. You don't know anything about me.”

I didn't see him reach out his hand, I simply felt him taking hold of mine, preventing my retreating motion. He squeezed it lightly before slowly pulling it back towards his face, placing it on his own cheek.

Kore wa ii,” he said, smiling at me. “Kono kimochi.”

I didn't know what his words meant, but I didn't need a dictionary to interpret his reassuring action. He must be pretty decent at reading my expression as well, because he didn't let go of my hand.

I wish we really could stay like this,” I sighed, but I couldn't help smiling back at him. “Forever, preferably.”

The next day, day eleven, we arrived at a sort of open part of the forest. The trees there were younger than any of the trees I had seen, but they were still quite old. What really caught my attention was the stone next to the road. It had obviously been put there long ago, although it didn't look as old as the stone next to the well had been. There was writing on this one, too. I couldn't read any of the kanji on it, but there was a single circle painted at the bottom of it.

Retrieving my map, I concluded that we must be around the area where the well was located. That meant that we were also close to the place where the field used to be.

Is this the field?” I asked Jun, gesturing at the area next to us.

He shrugged, not understanding. He pointed at the circle on the sign instead.

Watashi no kazoku no shinboru,” he said, leaving me even more confused.

In some ways, we understand each other,” I said as we started to ride again. “In others, we really don't.”

Shortly after that, we had another communication problem. It begun when I halted Bob, motioning for Jun to do the same.

I recognize this place,” I told Jun excitedly. “Because I rode past it so many times when I was kind of lost. The well is this way!”

I pointed into the forest, knowing that the well was only about a hundred metres in that direction.

We have to go there,” I told him eagerly. “It's so pretty, you have to see it!”

He looked at me curiously as I kept pointing into the forest.

Chigau,” he said, gesturing towards the path we were on.

Yes, we can go there later,” I told him impatiently. “But right now we've got to go here.”

I was very persistent this time. In the end, I simply started to ride in my direction. He followed me, but he was still trying to talk me out of it as we rode through the forest. I ignored him even when he was half-yelling at me when the heavy branches were brushing against us. What I knew which he didn't was that we were about to enter a clearing.

Once we did, I halted immediately, watching his expression. He looked surprised at first, and as he spotted the well and the accompanying sign he seemed almost shocked. His astonishment didn't fade away as he unmounted and approached the sign, his eyes flickering across it. When he finally looked at the circle with two lines painted through it, his expression turned into one of relief.

So you can read it,” I said, feeling a bit jealous. “You had better memorize it so that I can force you to tell someone who can tell me.”

He did something even better than that, he took out what must be his phone and took some pictures. I had never seen it before as he had no reason to use it here where there was no reception. He was especially concerned with his pictures of the symbol at the bottom of the sign and the pictures he for some reason took of the dry bottom of the well. Eventually, he seemed pleased with what he had done.

Yosh, ikuzo!” he said, suddenly sounding very excited.

He rode back the way we come, leaving me to follow him. He set a much quicker pace now, looking unusually eager. Once we had returned to the path, we followed it for another while before he wanted to make a turn.

That doesn't suit me,” I told him, pointing forwards. “I'm going back to where I started out from, and that is this way.”

Watashi to kite?” he said, reaching out a hand not to point at his new direction but for me to take hold of. “Eien ni.”

Something in his smile made me take the hand he offered me, continuing down the new path with him.

We'll see where it leads,” I said, throwing a glance back over my shoulder. “I might have to turn back.”

We were descending from the mountainside quickly. Before I had registered how far we had gone, we were passing by houses. New, modern houses. Civilization. Then there was some more forest before we reached the edge of it. A couple of hundred metres away there was a grand mansion, and it was surrounded by a wall on all sides. It was towards one of the openings in that wall which Jun was headed.

I don't think so,” I told him immediately. “Doesn't look like the kind of place one can stop by at.”

Jun didn't seem concerned at all. On the contrary, he was looking positively giddy. We passed through the opening, after which Jun approached a smaller building right inside of the wall. A stable. He yelled out something, making several people emerge from the place. At first I felt like turning to ride the other way when they hurried over to grab hold of our reins, but when Jun swiftly unmounted to hug one of them I stopped, completely confused now.

Tadaima,” Jun told the man he had hugged, grinning at him.

Okairi,” the other person replied, glancing curiously at me. “”Anata wa dare?”

I didn't know what to answer, of curse, but Jun saved me.

Rika shi nai,” he said, earning a surprised look from the man.

I unmounted, too, nodding politely at the person holding my horse. He was dressed in what looked like some kind of uniform. The person who was now listening to Jun, however, was wearing casual clothes. Dark pants with loose suspenders hanging around his waist and a light blue t-shirt. His hair was black like Jun's, but it was much shorter and not curly at all. He had a kind of vacant expression as he took in all the things Jun was telling him about, but he still nodded in understanding every now and then.

A few moments later, their conversation was interrupted by a shout from the stable. Three other persons had emerged from around the corner of the building and were now running towards Jun, all of them practically jumping on top of him. Jun just laughed, disentangled himself from them and tried to respond to all of their questions.

It took a moment before any of them noticed me standing next to Jun. A guy in a yellow shirt was first, immediately nudging Jun and pointing unashamedly at me.

Kawaii,” he declared, a word which I knew and which made me blush a little. “Anata no?”

Oyi,” exclaimed the man in the blue t-shirt, annoyed.

Baka,” Jun said, hitting yellow shirt guy playfully on the shoulder. “Namae wa Kamenashi Kazuya.”

The silence which followed that piece of information was quite scary. The other four weren't smiling anymore. Even one of the guys who was wearing green sweater and who had been the most excited about Jun being there was eyeing me with what actually reassembled disgust.

Daijobu,” Jun said confidently, breaking the rather uncomfortable silence.

He then spoke for a long time, ignoring attempts by the others to interrupt him. Once he fell silent, the others looked at each other, surprised. Green sweater guy was smiling again.

“Sasuga Jun-kun,” the fifth guy who was wearing a red jacket said, and the others nodded in agreement.

They spoke for a short while after that, and then all of a sudden they were all in motion. Our horses were being led away towards the stables. I opened my mouth, intending to protest against the fact that Bob was being taken away, but Jun took hold of my hand before I had the chance to.

“Daijobu,” he said, smiling excitedly at me.

Then he nodded towards the guy in the red jacket, saying something else which was definitely intended for me as well. I didn't understand it and the others seemed highly amused that he was actually trying to talk to me. Then he let go of my hand, smiled at me again and started to walk away with three of them. I would have stepped after them if the guy in the red jacket hadn't taken a step towards me, holding out his hand.

“Hello,” he said, not quite pronouncing the l's right. “My name is Sho. This way.”

Since last time I have planned a concert, put up an actual tent (instead of a fictional one) and gotten my computer virus infected.

As a result of that last thing, I have also had my computer completely reformatted. Not to worry, though. I managed to backup files first, and even if that had been impossible I use this nifty little program called Dropbox which basically backups everything you put in it to an online storage automatically. You get 2 GB for free! Worried about loosing your fics to a virus or a crash? No problem, get Dropbox! It runs smoothly in the background and takes very little CPU.

Hopefully, this story will be finished soon. That depends on whether or not I write the final part tomorrow or next week. I'm thinking tomorrow. :)

Edit: final part up here!!!
fazlyn_n: pic4fazlyn_n on July 8th, 2010 01:04 am (UTC)
Yeah... Been waiting for your new chapter.
Love Matsukame... Cant hardly wait for the end...

Im still thinking how to end my own Matsukame fic... :)
auburn_witch: Jun - calendar picauburn_witch on July 8th, 2010 09:30 am (UTC)
:) Actually, I know how this ends, I've just got to write it. XD Anyhow, thank you for reading!
La Fee Verteabsinthe1213 on July 8th, 2010 01:17 am (UTC)

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auburn_witch: Jun - calendar picauburn_witch on July 8th, 2010 09:31 am (UTC)
Yep, he is. :) You most likely won't have to wait long. Thank you for reading!
Micchi: kameohryouchipi on July 8th, 2010 04:35 am (UTC)
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Thank u ^^
auburn_witch: Jun - calendar picauburn_witch on July 8th, 2010 09:32 am (UTC)
Yeah, I needed one of them to speak some English at some point and, well, I like Sho. XD Anyhow, thank you for reading!
Sole Sakumasolesakuma on July 8th, 2010 05:34 am (UTC)
I really like your slightly snarky Kame! Waiting for the end :)
auburn_witch: Jun - calendar picauburn_witch on July 8th, 2010 09:33 am (UTC)
I like writing snarky Kame, how he can say absolutely anything at any time. =D Thank you for reading!
dorayaki_chandorayaki_chan on July 8th, 2010 06:44 am (UTC)
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auburn_witch: Jun - calendar picauburn_witch on July 8th, 2010 09:34 am (UTC)
=D Thank you for reading!
Shadzshardaunei on July 8th, 2010 07:45 am (UTC)
Wow, so much has happened. MatsuKame really has chemistry. At least Kame now has someone to translate. I'm glad it's not Aiba, though. XD

Ah, I wished I could've known about Dropbox earlier. My comp died on me, and I've been using my sister's laptop. Most of my stuff were there since I ran out of room in my external.
auburn_witch: Jun - calendar picauburn_witch on July 8th, 2010 09:35 am (UTC)
Yeah, there were a bunch of events. I think everyone are glad that Aiba isn't translating! XD

That's a pity, I have lost files in the past as well. Not this time, though.

Anyhow, thank you for reading!!!
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auburn_witch: Jun - calendar picauburn_witch on July 8th, 2010 12:23 pm (UTC)
Yes, I thought Jun ought to understand 'kiss' since they use it in doramas and stuff all the time, except with a little bit of Japanese pronunciation.
Well, Sho speaks a little English. Enough, in this case. ;)
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auburn_witch: Kameauburn_witch on July 8th, 2010 03:42 pm (UTC)
:) Yes, they will! A little. XD

Oh. Right. Dang. Gotcha. Um, I should have noticed that, except that I didn't. Maybe next time. ;)

Thank you for reading!
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auburn_witch: Jun - calendar picauburn_witch on July 8th, 2010 05:31 pm (UTC)
:) We'll see what happens. or you'll see. I know. :P

*is writing final part*
Thank you for reading!